Start A SSOC Chapter

Membership is open to women of color seeking an opportunity to become a member of a sisterhood movement . We currently have members in the Forth Worth & Baton Rouge area. Sophisticated Sisters of Color Book Club & Social Organization® has a goal of recruitment and building a foundation and sisterhood  with members in and around Louisiana and surrounding areas.

Any ladies interested in forming a chapter of the Sophisticated Sisters of Color Book Club & Social Organization® should assemble a core group of 10 women who are also interested in organizing a chapter. The Contact Representative of the core group should send a letter to: 

Sophisticated Sisters of Color Book Club & Social Organization®

Attn: Director of Membership
P. O. Box  93609
Lafayette, La 70508-3609

AND/ OR email letter to:

Subject Line: Chapter Group

Letter should include:

Names of all 10 women interested in organizing the chapter (include address, phone, and email address)

 Elected Officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary) 

 Location of where meetings will be held to organize core group

 An outline and brief discussion of  community service activities core group will be participating in throughout the year.

 Once you letter has been received, a chapter packet will be sent via email from Sophisticated Sisters of Color which will give your Chapter President and members more information and guidelines to start your group.

 Note: If you have additional questions regarding forming a chapter in your area, please contact us at